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Salt Lake Web Development Services.

Salt Lake Web Development (SLWD) provides innovative solutions to complex problems through the use of commercial, open source or custom developed software.  Managed by our expert staff our skilled programmers and coders can work with open source technologies like MySQL and PHP or Microsoft technologies like .NET, ASP and MS SQLServer.  Additional technologies we work with are other open source technologies like sugarCRM, Joomla, OS Commerce,  Magento and Wordpress.

Reasons to use our web application development services:

  • System development life cycle expertise
  • Expertise in many technologies
  • Use of Web 2.0 and 3.0 standards
  • Perfect integration of SLWD design services
  • Flexability and ease of use
  • More features for the price guaranteed!


SLWD Leading Web Development Services

Web Development

No matter what your company’s needs are SLWD has the tools to create custom tailored solutions to fit your business model.  We have the resources to accomplish any size web development project no matter how complex it is.  With an expert web development staff your project will get completed on time and bug free.

See our custom web application development services below.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system is easily the most popular way to build a website today due to its flexibility and power.  The many uses of a CMS include news page systems, article systems, announcement centers and keeping track of products and developments although because of the plug-in nature of most CMS software the uses and applications become limitless.  Their ease of use allow system administrators to easily take control of the website giving them full control over images, text and other multimedia content.

Through our comprehensive coaching and training program we can train your staff to manage your CMS giving you unprecedented control over your online presence.

Find out how are customized CMS solutions can help your business grow.

e-Commerce Solutions

Are you looking to put up an online store?

SLWD has a huge selection of e-Commerce solutions. Whether your looking for a catalog a shopping cart or a subscription based continuity platform we have the solution for you.  

We provide features like custom web modules, payment options, inventory and order tracking, no matter what the need our experts can find a solution for you.   SLWD also provides integrations with necessary systems such as product shipping, merchant accounts and digital certificates.

Find out more about the benefits of using SLWD for e-Commerce solutions.

Customer Relationship Management Integration

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the most widely used and popular business software solutions today.  Companies like Salesforce, SugarCRM, VTiger and Microsoft have pioneered the technologies we use today.

Why build a custom CRM when literally millions of dollars has already been spend perfecting the technology?

Let our experts do a custom CRM integration for your business, merging your front end website with your CRM providing seamless communication between your customers and your sales and support staff.

Read more about the advantages of implementing a customized CRM.

Newsletter Management Solutions

Capable of being fully integrated into your CRM (if it’s not already), newsletter management done right can bring many return customers boosting overall sales.

Our choice of Newsletter Management Software may vary depending on the project, some CRM solutions come with fully integrated newsletter software and we use many different CRM solutions depending on customer needs.   

Understanding the importance of appropriately managing your customer list, we ensure your business has a streamlined system in place that not only collects the leads for you but helps you manage the content you send them.

Learn more about how our expert newsletter management solutions can help you.

Web Portals & Intranet Development

We can provide an online office environment for your employees offering services such as employee directories, bulletin boards, calendars, data archives, news announcements, internal broadcasts event planners, project planners and more. 

Our custom Intranet solution will provide tools that can provide a seamless work environment with internal communications, corporate knowledge bases and work-flow controls all integrated together.

The Intranet solutions we create are tailored to suit your individual needs and help in overcoming management challenges providing valuable corporate resources.

Learn more about how our expert Web Portal and Intranet Development solutions can help you.

Business Blog Web Development

Let’s face it, blogging is here to stay.  Everyone on earth has a voice now and blogs are a way to use it, be it an individual or a corporation they are extremely useful and effective. 

By having SLWD create and manage your corporate blog you can begin to speak directly to your customers, influencing them to do your bidding like the ruler of a country. Muahahaha!

Just kidding! In all seriousness, a company blog can get you in touch with the people that buy your product, giving you valuable information on how they perceive your product and company.  Customer loyalty is built through tools like blogs and can create many return visitors increasing your bottom line.

Learn more about how a business blog can help your business.

Web Hosting

We take web hosting so seriously that we have an entire website solely dedicated to just that, secure website hosting.  Salt Lake Web Host is our website hosting provider offering shared, virtual and dedicated server packages depending on your individual needs.

We are so adamant about security we use 2 of the largest databases in the world located in separate parts of the country to ensure the ultimate in redundancy and protection for your information.  With a 99.9% up-time and extremely competitive rates our expert technical staff can guarantee your business is safe and secure 24/7.

See our sister site Salt Lake Web Host for information on web hosting.

Website Security Analysis

As long as there is software there will be hackers, infiltrating databases and pulling script tricks.  If your website is not up to par on protection they will easily bypass your system causing a slew of problems for you and your customers.

SLWD takes website security seriously so we have a process implemented to prevent any hackers from jeopardizing your companies Internet security.  From code security to downtime prevention our team can guarantee your company is protected from the efforts of hackers.

Learn more about getting a Website Security Analysis for your business.

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