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Website Maintenance: The Next Step

Once your project goes live the work has not ended, your website will still need to be maintained.  Keeping your website updated with new and compelling content, advertisements and resources is a must in today world if you want to compete online.

Even though we provide a very robust and comprehensive training program for those companies that wish to bring maintenance in house, we understand that not everyone wants to take on this responsibility themselves.

The Internet grows and changes on a daily basis and keeping up can be a full time job. With a future proof platform and an expert staff of designers, Salt Lake Web Development (SLWD) can provide all the maintenance you need keeping your website on the updated with all the newest technologies.

How do we determine pricing for website maintenance?

Depending on your websites industry, size or objective maintenance plans can vary from site to site.  Here at SLWD our website maintenance plans are designed to meet your goals and expectations.  We have created 4 packages that we feel meet the needs of most all businesses; however custom packages can be arranged.

Features Micro Plan

Basic Plan

Pro Plan Max Plan

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Website Update Batch(es)
1 1 2 4
Website Update Revision Rounds
1 2 3 4
Consulting and Support Request Emails
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Consulting and Support Request Calls
$75/hour 1 Hour 2 Hours Unlimited
PHP & ASP Scripting
$90/hour 1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours
Annual Strategic Planning w/ SLWD Management Team
$70/hour if desired $75/hour if desired Included Included
Annual Website Review (Delivered via email)
$75/hour if desired Included Included Included
Online customer support system
Included Included Included Included
Completion Time
5 Business Days 3 Business Days 3 Business Days 2 Business Days
Software & Security Patches
$90/hour $90/hour Included Included
E-Newsletter Design Support
$75/hour $75/hour Included Included
Webmail/Email/Mobile Support
$75/hour $75/hour 1 Hour 2 Hours
Monthly Investment
$75 $99 $199 $249

Typical website maintenance includes

Website content updates

Content is King!

Keeping your website updated with fresh content will bring customers back over and over so they can see what is new.  Your website should grow with your company, as you do business additional content pages should added periodically giving your customer news and information about your products and services.

Rankings should improve over time if you correctly add new compelling content, archiving old outdated pages along the way.  A consistently updated website will bring visitors back over and over increasing customer activity and enhancing your websites traffic and rankings.

Product/Service updates

Products might need to be changed out on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.  By ensuring your products and services are up to date you stay a step ahead of most of the competition out there.

Advertisements and Banners

Crucial elements like special offers, discounts coupons and any other advertisements like them are key to online success and conversions.  Almost any marketing campaign you take on, website updates and changes will be a crucial part. Consistent website maintenance will boost your sales with original offers for your business.

Dynamic content maintenance

Internet technologies change at a very fast rate if your website calls behind it will look and feel like an old shoe very quickly.  If your websites dynamic elements do not function correctly on new browsers you will lose customers.  Website maintenance keeps all the parts of your website working correctly as new technologies come out.

Overall site improvements

The best performance appraisal you can get is one from your customers in the form of suggestions, comments, complaints etc. Customers can provide very valuable information on changes and improvements you can make on your website. Website maintenance is your chance to implement these ideas and suggestions brought by your customers improving their overall experience with your company.

Internet Marketing/SEO maintenance

Working closely with our marketing arm Salt Lake Web Marketing (SLWM) our team of designers can keep your website optimized for maximum online effectiveness.  Constantly tweaking and making changes to your website is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Website Maintenance Packages

With Google and other search engines working diligently making improvements to their search algorithms it has become even more crucial that web owners keep their websites maintained.

SLWD website maintenance plans are designed to fit your specific website maintenance needs. Whether your site requires an occasional update or ongoing weekly maintenance, our website maintenance solutions keep your site fresh, accurate, and working at peak performance.

Hourly Website Maintenance

Design & Support

Rate: $75

  • Billed in 1/2 hour increments
  • Minimum service request is 1 hour (Minimum order of $75)
  • Unscheduled phone support is billed at 1.5x standard rate = $112.50

Online Marketing

Rate: $90

  • Billed in 1/2 hour increments
  • Minimum service request is 1 hour (Minimum order of $90)
  • Unscheduled phone support is billed at 1.5x standard rate = $135

Development Support

Rate: $100

  • Billed in 1/2 hour increments
  • Minimum service request is 1.5 hours (Minimum order of $150)
  • Unscheduled phone support is billed at 1.5x standard rate = $150.00

Please note: website maintenance keeps a website current; it is not the same service as redesigning or revamping a website. Therefore, while any new design work is charged at our design rate, updating an existing website would hold different charges.

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