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Social websites are one of the hottest if not THE hottest marketing tools online today.  With Facebook having over 350,000,000 users the power of closed social media environments has been proven without a doubt.

Social Media Websites and Networks can improve customer relations, increase trust, create more return visitors and provide free customer support!  We can integrate your website with Facebook or other social websites offering more marketing power than ever before.

Salt Lake Web Development (SLWD) specializes in creating completely private customer based and/or employee based social media and networking environments.

Why do social websites work?

Social media websites create opportunities for your customers to discuss and share ideas about your market.  It can create a destination point for people to come and get information on the products or services you offer thus creating more sales opportunities than ever before.

Socialnomics: Social Media Revolution

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The Advantages of Social Media and Networking

Customer Support

Having your own social networking or community based website will give you the ability to offer another means of support for your customers.  When customers know they can access a community of people that use your service they trust you more and can be reassured that you are active with your market and are easily accessible as a company.

Members of your community that use your services and are active on your website will become advocates or your business and even answer support questions from your customers for you!  Many large software development firms utilize their community of customers to provide a FREE layer of support cutting costs in customer service while providing a better experience.

Return visitors

What happens when one of your customers comes to your site to participate in discussions and groups?

Social Networking environments are an excellent way to generate return visitors over and over again to buy your products or services.  Social Networking websites can become a destination point for visitors interested in your market.

Visitors are much more likely to buy something from you the second time they come back if you have built a solid foundation of trust with your customers.  A Social Network can help increase customer loyalty and trust, inspiring your visitors to not only return but bring friends with them.

Inbound Links

With growing sensations like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, one of the greatest forms of “Link Bait” a business can have now is a Social Media driven portal for customers to interact and communicate.  A well put together Social Media website around an active niche market can produce a ton of inbound links.

Users create content for you and they post it on your Social Network.  Other users share the content with their friends list on Facebook and then it ends up on other social networks that they are members of and before you know it there are a ton of links pointing to your website.  Provided of course your website has something to offer.

Watch this video on how Social Media can raise your ROI for your marketing campaigns

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Have us make you a social media based website to drive traffic to your business.

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