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Is your website difficult to navigate?

Are you wasting valuable customer support time answering questions that can be found on your website?

Simple Site Analysis

Unique to Salt Lake Web Development (SLWD) a "Simple Site Analysis" will provide important detailed website statistics on where visitors are getting lost on your website.  We will analyze your website flow to determine what people are looking for on your website and ensure that they are able to find it.  If your website has navigation problems or if your information is not easily found you will lose sales and pay out more in customer service.

Some common problems websites have are:Losing sales?How many sales have you lost due to bad navigation on your website?

Most website owners do not realize they are losing an average of 40% or more of the sales they "could" have gotten with better navigation.

Don't let sales slip away, have us do a complete Simple Site Analysis on your website today!

  • Too confusing to navigate
  • Pictures and graphics download too slow
  • Tasks take a long time finish
  • Hard to learn the interface
  • Inconsistent interface throughout website
  • Overall feel of website is clunky
  • Too many bugs

By using SLWD’s Simple Site Analysis services you will:

  • Make navigation easy to use
  • Provide quick download times on graphics
  • Make user tasks quick to finish
  • Provide a simple easy to use interface
  • Create more return visitors
  • Eliminate Bugs
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Lower overall cost to maintain

Interface Evaluation

Our extensive experience in teaching new users how to work with the Internet and build a business online, gives us a unique perspective on how interfaces should be set up and how the average user navigates through a website.  Let us give you valuable information on what can be done to improve your websites interface.

Ease of Use Evaluation

During these evaluations we sit a variety of users in front of your website and give them a specific task to perform.  We then evaluate their actions in performing that task to identify problem areas of your website that are not correctly channeling people to the right areas.

This service is a basic version of our Traffic Channeling service and is only meant to improve overall navigation.  Unlike our Traffic Channeling service this is not designed to streamline your conversions and sales opportunities but to improve overall use of the sections of your website.

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