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Conversion Optimizing

Is your website design converting traffic into sales?

Salt Lake Web Development (SLWD) can help you improve conversion rates through expert optimization and testing.

Whenever you build a website you can guarantee you are not going to get optimal conversions.  This is the case no matter who builds it.

No website design company can design a website and ensure which version of your website will product the most sales without having done any testing, this is where Conversion Optimizing comes into play.  It often takes many revisions and a lot of website testing and analysis to ensure your visitors are seeing what you want and following the paths you set up.

Common Scenarios:

  • Perhaps conversions are higher when the free quote form is on the top right side rather than the top left, but only when the ad colors are red.
  • Perhaps conversions are 20% higher on that page in December if the page is red, green and white rather than the normal colors.
  • Perhaps your customers respond better to a form providing a lead rather than a sales opportunity on the first page they see.

The only way to find out if your site is converting right is through conversion testing.

All of the websites we build are able to be easily tested for optimal conversions and traffic flow.  We can test your website at any time by activating tools that will track the traffic of various versions of your landing pages in real-time.

Using Google’s Website Optimizer our marketing experts can narrow down which version of your landing page produces optimal results.

Always be testing, you can never have too much information to base your online marketing decisions with.  Continuous conversion analysis and testing of various pages and advertisements on your website will result in higher returns on your marketing campaigns.

See this Google Engineer on Website Testing.


Website Traffic Channeling

Can your target audience find your products or services?

Wondering where people end up when they hit your homepage?

Website Traffic Channeling will channel people to the pages that you want your visitors to see. Ensure that your visitors are landing on the right pages so conversions are at their best, after all you can’t get a sale if they don’t end up on your sales page.

Website Traffic Channeling involves evaluating your website traffic, altering your pages to increase visibility and clicks on your “Call to Action” hotspots and lastly testing and refining the pages for optimal traffic channeling.   Proper channeling of your visitors results in more and longer page views higher conversion rates and more return customers.

Using analytics, properly positioned banner ads and professional ad copy we will channel visitors to the important areas of your website like never before.  Our experts use eye studies, color psychology and cutting edge marketing techniques.

Some common mistakes many designers make are:

  • Bad Logo
  • Using improper typography
  • Using bad images for advertisements
  • Ads placed in unseen areas
  • Bad ad copy
  • Inconsistent website layout
  • Poor use of white space
  • Spelling errors in ads

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