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Salt Lake Web Development (SLWD) creates feature rich Internet solutions that produce higher conversions and longer page views. We are ready to help you design a system for your business that keeps you in touch more with your customers and your employees. Our expert website design team utilizes the most cutting edge design and development technologies available online today such as XHTML, Flash, AJAX, and JavaScript.  Salt Lake Web Development can provide you with the most choices and flexibility for the cost that you can find on the market today.

Our web designs not only look cutting-edge, but they are. We design “Future Proof” websites with forward browser compatibility.  Your website will look good and be able to be upgraded easily as technology increases. We know each website project is unique and offer customized website design packages to meet your company’s specific goals and requirements.

Some of the advantages of using our web design services are:

  • Knowledgeable, highly talented wed development staff
  • Modular based ordering and upgrading
  • Coaching to teach you and your staff how to maintain your website
  • Maintenance plans available in case you don’t want to do it yourself
  • Our amazing “Crowdsourcing” methods provide more choices at a higher quality than ever before

SLWD's Design Services

Website Design

Looking to take your business to the Internet?

SLWD creates high impact websites that will increase sales and produce longer page views. Our highly trained staff take an in depth analysis of your company and goals to create a dynamic web portal for your customers and staff.  Our web design process includes gaining a thorough the following process:

  • Understanding of the target audiences that will be visiting your site,
  • Gathering specific technical requirements,
  • Designing a functional and easy-to-navigate architecture
  • Creating a memorable, visual representation of your company that people fits your market
  • Training you and your staff to utilize the full benefits of your website

Find out more about our unique website designs.

Website Redesign Services

Let’s face it the web changes fast and when a new competitor comes it means their website is probably more updated than yours. Changing the look and feel of your website often tells your customers you are always improving and growing, customers want to buy from companies that perceive to be doing well.  We can turn your site into a new, crisp, professional web presence giving your company the look of success and stability you want. Here at Salt Lake Web Development we design websites around statistics and what works for your market we take not only search engine optimization in mind but also human optimization; after all they are the ones buying!

Explore our outstanding website redesign services.

Adobe Flash Design

Adobe Flash is one of the most popular animation tools on the market today. Over 95% of all Internet users have Flash on their computers right now. Flash provides users with a rich, dynamic experience that will capture people’s attention. Through SLWD you can have top quality Flash work done that some of the best rates available.

Enhance your website with our network of cutting-edge animation by graphics professionals.

See how SLWD can help your image using the latest Flash technologies now.

Logo Design

We do logo design very differently than most companies.  We utilize “Crowdsourcing” to give our customers the absolute best choices in a logo you can get online today. 

Why have 2-3 designers give a mock-up when you can get 50 designers for the same price? 

Our expert staff will ensure that your logo follows all of the industry standards providing you with a look and feel new through the years.  Don't let an amateur do your logo, it is the one thing that people will see on every ad and publication you create in the future.

Discover how we can help create your logo and improve corporate identity.

Multimedia Services

Multimedia is various forms of media used to convey information and provide entertainment. Multimedia includes video, audio, graphics, text, animation and interactive programs. Incorporating online multimedia on your website not only adds dynamic, fun, and interesting elements but with today’s search engines it will also boost your ranking significantly. Multimedia keeps the visitor involved in your site and encourages them to return.

SLWD can help improve your websites overall appeal to customers by helping provide rich, interesting and engaging Multimedia content that will keep visitors on your website longer and purchasing more.  Don’t even get us started on the marketing aspects…ok do get us started.

Read more about how Multimedia can improve your business.

Landing Page Design

Creative and focused landing page design is the key to successful conversion rates.  If your landing page is not well designed you are losing money plain and simple.  Our creative team can take your conversion rates to new heights through the careful analysis of analytic data. Our talented website designers know the best way to create a page that turns a visitor into a customer.  Through a rigorous testing procedure we will find that perfect landing page for you BEFORE you spend money on marketing.

Find out how we can get you more sales with a better landing page.

Email & Banner Design

One of the most cost effective ways to market your company is through banner ads and emails.  For a small price you can reach a ton of people, if not done right however it can be a complete waste of time and cost you a lot of trouble.  With our expertise we can help you produce the best results possible by fine tuning your email and banner campaigns until conversions are at their best ever.

See how expert banner and email designs can boost your ROI.

Social Network Design

Social Media is now the most popular web concept in the world and came about with Web 2.0 technologies, Web 3.0 is about how to make use of these new technologies through Web 2.0 technologies and concepts such as social media.  SLWD is on the cutting edge of this technology offering private social media applications similar to Facebook.  Whether it’s for your staff or your customers we can provide you with a social networking platform that helps your company market and communicate better with the world.

Learn about creating your own Social Community for your business.

Simple Site Analysis

Are you concerned with whether your products are being seen on your website?

Wondering whether you can do something to increase conversions on your website?

Let SLWD answer these questions for you with a Simple Site Analysis.

Here at SLWD we like to make things easy to use and understand.  Our experts can do what we call a “Simple Site Analysis” giving you a rating on how easy it is to navigate your website.  We use a specific list of criteria developed by a series of eye tracking and user navigation studies that will not only increase reduce page bounces but increase sales as well.  We are experts at website flow and how to efficiently channel people where you make the most money.

Read more about the benefits of our “Simple Site Analysis”

Conversion Optimization

Is your website not converting like you would like?

Our Website Conversion Optimization experts will tune your website converting more visitors to sales, such as your sales pages.

Properly optimizing your pages to convert at higher rates takes a lot of attention to detail and a keen eye for what is causing visitors to bounce off your website.  Using special software we are able to zero in on those areas of your website that are causing conversions to fall costing you money.

Ensure that your visitors are landing on the right pages so conversions are at their best, after all you can’t get a sale if they don’t end up on your sales page.

Read more on Conversion Optimization.

Website Coaching

Through our comprehensive website and Internet coaching program we can train you and your employees to take full advantage of your website, its features and the power of the Internet in general.  For a small to medium sized business it is crucial that your website is more than a static sign and more of a tool for improving relationships with customers and making more sales.

Our website and Internet coaching program will bring control of your website in-house, giving you benefits like chaning advertisements on the fly, updating pages in literally seconds or adding pages all on your own.  If you are ready to start internalizing your website team we can help you.

Learn how website training and coaching can give you an advantage.

Website Maintenance

If maintaining your website is not your cup of tea and you want a reliable staff to work with then we are your design company.   With our modular approach to website sales and maintenance we can ensure your site changes with the times and is always up to date with the latest technologies. SLWD website maintenance plans ensure your site evolves with the changing demands.

Learn more about SLWD's customized website maintenance plans.

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