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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Salt Lake Web Development guarantees all of its website design and development work.

At Salt Lake Web Development, we are so confident in our ability to build a search engine friendly web site that we guarantee we can increase the traffic (based on your “Initial Traffic Level”) you're getting through a new website alone.

  • We guarantee all of our design and development work by giving unlimited revisions.  We will keep working on your website until you are satisfied or your money back.
  • We guarantee an increase of traffic.
  • We guarantee an increase in page views.
  • We guarantee to bring bounce rates to an acceptable rate.
  • We guarantee to write relevant content not just SEO spam.
  • We guarantee we will always be realistic about what can be achieved and in what time frame.
  • You will receive FREE hosting until your website is complete and getting more hits than you did before.

Guarantee Stipulations

Like all good guarantees, we of course, have a few stipulations...

  • Your “Initial Traffic Level” will be determined by the first complete month we host the site on our servers.
  • All analytical information must be verifiable by Salt Lake Web Development project managers.
  • Salt Lake Web Development builds websites from market statistics to ensure your website gets proper conversions therefore guarantees will not apply to if requests are made that go against our recommendations.  In other words we cannot guarantee your law firm will get conversions if you choose hot pink as the color of your website.
  • We must develop the structure, navigation and technology used on the site.  For instance, we will not guarantee more traffic to an all-Flash site as the site tends to be invisible to the search engines.
  • We may want to build more pages in the site, based on your content and keyword phrases, than you originally had in mind. No wimping out on your part! If we say it needs 20 pages for the content and keyword phrases you want to target, you'll need to let us build 20 pages. If you cut our desired page count, no guarantee applies.
  • While we would love to guarantee you more sales or more contact forms filled out, let's be honest... those things are outside of our control.  If you have "Dollar Store" products that take a Benjamin to purchase... or for some wacky reason nobody's interested in your belly-button lint removal service... well, some things are just not our fault!

That's it for the fine print!